Monday, December 6, 2010

{us lately.....}

I don't know why I just can't keep up around here! I have no excuses, really. Everytime I log in and realize its been 3 months since my last blog - I really do try to make a promise to myself to be better. I really do.

So much has been going on! That's why I've been MIA.


Delaney is doing wonderfully in school. I couldn't be more proud of her. It literally brings tears to my eyes sometimes. She's so eager to learn and to do her very best AT ALL TIMES. Kindergarten in an amazing time. I didn't really know what to expect. Everyday she seems to grow just a little more. She's reading at the top of her class. (I admit that is a mommy brag, but I just HAD to. I can't help it.) And, just last week she ate lunch with the principal as she was one of the top five AR readers in her entire grade level.



Avery continues to be such a ball of laughter to us all. This child is just funny. Everday, the girls make us laugh! She's started dance and she LOVES it. I do know that she is an entertainer. She has started to really sing to herself and its the cutest! My favorite is "Jesus loves me this I know, to the Bible tells me so." Yes, she has her own version - as she changes words, but that's what makes it so sweet to me! Her imitation of the Barbie from Toy Story 3 is nothing short of HILARIOUS!!! I have, have, have to get it on video! Her imagination is soaring and she's loving to read, as well.. making up her own stories from the pictures of books.
She's also reached a major milestone which I will share SOON. It deserves a post of its own!



and last but not least... part of my absence can be attributed to...

{coming in june...}

B-a-b-y #3! I think almost everyone has heard this news but consider this the blog announcement. 14 weeks and just weeks away from the answer to the BIG question! Place your bets..... :-)

We are thrilled for our growing family and feel so thankful for this precious child.

I'll end for now with another photo or two from our family session with our favorite photographer! I'm withholding my very favorites... until I design our Chritmas card. I'll share them soon.



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