Friday, June 11, 2010

{snapshots from today}

It's just barely June and its already.....BLAZING HOT.

I dreamed for an hour and a half of a huge shade tree in my back yard. This mama finds it harder and harder to handle the heat for long periods of time.

But they sure were having fun. :)



they love each other almost all the time...but they never make eye contact with the camera at the same time!









Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Babygirl is a preschool graduate.

This milestone brought so many emotions that I really wasn't prepared for. I know now after looking back over the past two year why this hit me like a ton of bricks. I'm so thankful and overwhelmed at the loving and nurturing enviroment that we chose and just looked at as "school"... it was so much more than that for her, for us.

I think back to that very first day. D was three. She was and is such a smart little girl. I've everyday been amazed. She had only ever been at home with me, but I had been realizing that she would just blossom in a structured learning enviroment. I knew it would be good for her, too. It's not that she lacked interactions with other kids, but I knew that it would boost her social skills.

Just look... at this babyface!

{school girl}

I tagged this picture with this that day:

My baby is at school!
Despite our rough night (she was up for hours starting at 12:45) we got up bright and early for her first day of preschool. She was so ready to go. I couldn't move fast enough. When I dropped her off, she wouldn't even look back at me so I could tell her I was leaving. Miss Independent. The house is so quiet... granted we're usually still sleeping at this point. I guess I'll go buy groceries. :)

I mean does it look like she missed me? :)

That first day was different. She did just as I expected, fearless, went in and never missed a beat. I didn't cry even when she walked away without a care in the world. I was proud of her independence and her quick adjustment to change. Yes, I'd be lying if I didn't welcome a few hours of quiet time in the house a few days a week.

First Impressions was a new school two years ago and Delaney was the first student enrolled. (Her teachers shared with me last week that when they put in their resignation letters they only had 4 students enrolled. What a leap of faith!!) So, I guess you can say that she was just a little special to them as they are to her. Just as I imagined, her skills took off... she was learning, growing, and loving school so much that we kept her on a part-time schedule through the summer. This babygirl would cry when she missed school. :)

This photo is the first day of her second year and what would be her year of VPK. Her schedule changed to going to school everyday instead of three days.
08 23 09_8927 copy

Nothing ever changed. She always loved going to that school. She loved her teachers.

I can't tell you what that did for me as a mom, to know that she was so happy and content in someone elses care. It showed me that she was in an enviroment where she was growing and adjusting and that I didn't need to worry about her well being. She was comfortable. Everyday learning, exploring new things, and being shown the love of Jesus through her teachers.

May 27th was her last day. We were actually counting down to summer time. If yall really know us we were counting down to the day of no alarm clocks. The girls in this house like to sleep! That morning was just like the rest, I thought nothing of it. Got up, dresses, fed her in the car, and kissed her goodbye at the door. What I didn't expect was the emotional pick up. I had forgotten there was her cubby to clean out, I had forgotten that so many days this was her day and and day out and that we were all attached. I walked up to the playground where I saw one of her teachers fighting tears. I told her she had to stop. But, just like that the three of us were crying. We cried all the way to our next stop. We were so pitiful. But, it had all hit me in that instant.

WE are very excited for the next chapter ... KINDERGARDEN! But, this ending was a little sad. It closed a chapter that we enjoyed so much and opens another.

I'm forever grateful for First Impressions, Mrs. Tammy, Mrs. Deborah and staff and for their positive influence on Delaney's life.

Here are a few snapshots of her graduation day :)


DSC_4488 copy

DSC_4428 copy

DSC_4443 copy


DSC_4478 copy

DSC_4495 copyDSC_4492 copyDSC_4493 copy

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