Monday, April 27, 2009

{eighteen months}

I can't really believe I just typed the words ... eighteen months. It doesn't seem possible, but it is!

Last week, on the 22nd, our sweet baby girl hit that milestone. I'm not sure if I want to cry because she's growing so very quickly or if I just want to laugh because this age is so fun! I have to say the freshness of a newborn is my all time favorite, but if I had to choose my next favorite age it would month 18!

Avery's never fond of the dr's office for some reason. Even the most gentle touch makes her cry but she handles shots like it was just a pinch. She weighed in a tiny 21 lbs 3oz and 31.5 inches. She's still at the very bottom 10th percentile for weight and she's average for height.

She's so smart. She amazes me everyday.
Here are a few fun things she does right now:

*she talks... more and more everyday!
*some of the words she uses on an everyday basis: mama (yes, I'm still first!), daddy, sissy, ball, baby, cup, mine, pappy (paci), banana, shoe, bye bye, doggy, hey, uh oh, jump jump, bath, night night
*she climbs, oh boy does she climb. Sometimes she falls, too.
*she loves riding in her little red car
*she loves music
*she loves to dance
*she loves to laugh at her sister
*she still gives open mouth kisses.. and if you hear her say "ahhhh" you better be ready for one
*she loves a bath
*she sleeps wonderfully!
*she has curls, oh I love her curls
*she associates things to people that aren't around.. if D is at school she'll run to D's room and yell for sissy, if daddy is at work she finds a pair of his shoes or his hat and calls for daddy
*banana's are still her favorite fruit
*sometimes she communicates to me when she needs a diaper change
*she loves pushing around her toy stroller
*she loves wearing her sissy's dress up shoes
*she loves to jump on the bed
*she thinks she's the same age as her sissy
*she can hold a crayon and try to color
*she wears 12 to 18 month clothes and a size 5 shoe
*she still wears a number 3 diaper
*she loves a big bouncy ball
*she likes to brush her teeth.. all by herself
*she is independent
*she loves to laugh
*her smile is contagious
*last week she said "i love you" ... plain. as. day.
*she's a mama's girl until daddy comes home!
*she loves playing outside
*and peek a boo
*she's quiet and mischievous when she wants to be
*she can throw a tantrum when she's mad
*she loves the rocking horse
*she knows bath comes right after dinner and will wait at the bathroom door
*she enjoys feeding herself and uses a spoon and fork
*she entertains strangers in the grocery store

I could probably go on for days...

When I thought about what photos I wanted to share for this post... it wasn't hard to decide. Last week she wanted to feed herself some chocolate pudding because her sissy was having vanilla pudding. So in my typical-- if it won't hurt you, only make a little mess-- attitude I threw that baby in the bathtub with a spoon and chocolate pudding. This describes the age 18 months to me! messy and fun!


04 21 09_0273

Sunday, April 26, 2009

{let summer begin}

I think with the temperatures this past week its safe to say that summer is here. That... and our visits from the ice cream truck. D always loves a visit from the ice cream truck. Avery is learning to love it herself. And hey- sometimes I look forward to it, too!

Here are a few pictures from Friday afternoon. I love this time of year... nothing says fun to me like ice cream, barefoot children playing outside and a baby running around in a tank top and diaper!

04 24 09_0204

Friday, April 24, 2009

what quarter of the game are you in? the game of life.

This illustration was used at our dear friends funeral just a few short weeks ago. It's been at the front of my mind ever since and I've had the urge to share it here for days...

Most every teenager or young person would think "I'm in the pre-game", "I'm in the 1st quarter"... others may see themselves resting at "halftime". But, the honest truth is we don't know what part of the game we are playing. We will probably never know why God chose to take John at that moment, at such a young and monumental time of his life. But God has a reason for everything he does even when we don't understand.

No one would have ever imagined that at the young age of 22, at a time that it seemed his life was just getting started that John was in the 4th quarter. I know it was a shock to me but not to God. I think we often lose sight of who's in control. The truth is we aren't in control, God is. We may think we'll live forever, but we may not. I know you never want to think of those situations but its the truth. We aren't promised tomorrow and I'm so thankful to know I have a God who loves me and has my very best interest at heart with every breath he gives me.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


It is not a big surprise that right now babygirl loves all things Tinkerbell.

Last week was crazy around here. Poor little Jackson was sick, we had family in town visiting, the week before Easter and it was spring break. It was also Disney on Ice staring Tinkerbell. I was really having a hard time because I wasn't sure I had time to fit in the show. At the same time, I knew I had to make time because if you know Delaney you know she remembers everything and months ago I promised we'd go. So on Friday I quickly rearranged some appointments (like my hair appt- mommy sacrifices!) and we headed off.

She LOVED it. Of course, Aerial being there as well was icing on the cake. She was a great age this year. She watched so closely to every move. She hasn't been that still in months!

Of course we had a few pounds of candy, cotton candy and diet coke. Avery did pretty good through the show. She watched more than I expected and of course was happy with her snacks. :)

I have a ton of pictures (its a wonder I have any pictures at all..but that is another story...) but I'll just leave you with a few from the star of the show. :)

{pixie dust}

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

not fond of the rabbit........

After the classic picture with santa at Christmas... this reaction didn't surprise me any. Call me mean if you want but this is a memory for me. :)

not fond of the rabbit!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

{wordless wednesday}

Life was busy and then life was a little sad. I hope to start updating here regularly soon. For now... enjoy this :)

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I have loved taking pictures for as long as I can remember - anyone who knows me can tell you that. There is just something about it that makes me smile. After the birth of my first daugther, Delaney, my passion for photography ignited. 33 months later came her baby sister, Avery. I have had my camera in my hand every day since. There isn't a moment I want to miss... the tiny toes, the drool, the smiles, the simple things. My girls are my inspiration for everything. You will often find me in the background snapping those natural moments in life that I don't want to see people forget. Sometimes the best photographs are the ones that are unposed and candid. I love the feeling of capturing such sweet moments and will strive to bring your memories to life in a way that you love.