Sunday, April 26, 2009

{let summer begin}

I think with the temperatures this past week its safe to say that summer is here. That... and our visits from the ice cream truck. D always loves a visit from the ice cream truck. Avery is learning to love it herself. And hey- sometimes I look forward to it, too!

Here are a few pictures from Friday afternoon. I love this time of year... nothing says fun to me like ice cream, barefoot children playing outside and a baby running around in a tank top and diaper!

04 24 09_0204


  1. Fun, fun!!! I don't think we'll be seeing the icecream truck here on Cowbird Lane... boo!!! :( Maybe we'll come over to your place and get lucky!! :)

  2. very very very cute!! ill never forget the one time i chased the ice cream truck through hilliard! u should have been there!

  3. He came by here this afternoon! :) Def says summer time!

  4. i wish summer time would come here too! AND the icecream truck :D


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