Thursday, August 27, 2009

{babygirl:: K-4}

Monday marked the first day of babygirl's last year of pre-school. I had no anxiety of this "first day" because she's been going there for the past year. I even kept her enrolled all summer to not disrupt the routine she had been accustomed to. Don't worry, it was only three days (half days) and we still had plenty of time to do fun things. She really enjoys it anyway!

So our only adjustment this past week has been that she's a student for five (half) days! Yes, you all that know me well are laughing right now knowing that we no longer have a week day to sleep in... and what an adjustment that has been!!!

My sweet girl obviously had no fears!

She woke up bright eyed. I flipped back the covers to discover that she had colored her legs with blue marker after we put her to bed the night before. I wasn't surprised, and went to scrubbing. After washing one leg I thought.. what are you doing? Go get the camera! :)

We went to get dressed and she quickly informed me she wasn't wearing the outfit on her door, she was wearing this one.....

08 23 09_8927 copy

I pick my battles around here, and she picked a matching outfit. I love her independence anyway.. most of the time! We had a little fun, and babygirl requested this photo before we left... our infamous funny faces!

The morning was somewhat smooth. I had a proud mommy moment when she ran right in and hugged some friends she hadn't seen over the summer. The amount of students has increased at her school this year so it was quite hectic... so I didn't get any inside photos of her first day this year. She was happy to tell me all about her day at pick up time. It's so cute to hear the details she describes. She said that one little boy cried for his mama, and one little girl did too, she said that she was happy Madison was back, and she did the hokey pokey, and that she was upset because she wasn't in the other Delaney's circle at circle time... and quickly asked if we could get a Happy Meal on the way home!

This is what bedtime looked like... one tired little girl!


  1. She's such a big girl.:) And your right at least she matched!! LOL Love the last one...she looks so sweet.

  2. i dont know what the outfit on the door looked like but the one she designed was very cute!! good job girl!

  3. Oh what I would give to take pictures as well as you and Dana. Kari, these pictures of D.'s big day are sooo cute! I love that she picked out her own outfit, which was very stylish for preschool and even displayed a little body art for the first day! Too funny. My favorite is the last picture where you can see a little dirt under her fingernails. Allie is always sporting some dirty fingernails around here, so we can sure relate!


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