Tuesday, May 26, 2009

{out came the sun}

I was really excited when I woke up yesterday morning and saw the SUN.

I typically always welcome the rain, unless it messes up some fun outdoor activity. But I admit after the week long rain storm and some circumstances in my life things were starting to get the best of me. I woke up on Monday morning and saw blue skies. I was thrilled. Not long after that I found out that some of the most encouraging people in my life, some of my family, were heading to the beach. I didn't wait five minutes before I started packing beach bags. I finished my coffee in the quiet and woke my crew.

The quietness and relaxation of the beach with my family is just what I needed.

My girls are just like their Mama... they LOVE the beach. Their Daddy on the other hand could do without but he loves to make his girls happy and we love him for it! Delaney loves to get a bucket full of shells and entertain herself for hours by washing them off and sorting through them. Its obvious that Avery just loves the freedom and space to run. She also loves the waves hitting her feet.

There is nothing that makes me smile more than a photo like this of my sweet babies. I can still hear them laughing.


  1. Precious!! Praise the Lord for sunshine!!!!!!!! :)

  2. Sweet, sweet pictures! Your girls are too cute on the beach. Glad you had some much-needed family time. I hope this week is better for you! If not, call on your Sunday School Sister! Ha (:

  3. :) Love these...especially the last one...it has been a horrible week in more than a couple of ways. Is that the suit I got Ave like 2 yrs ago?

  4. The more I thought about it....I think that I was just with you when you bought it...unless I am crazy and I did get it for her?? :) Oh and tell B-Rad awesome tat!

  5. Thanks, Carrie!! :)

    Linds-- I think I ended up buying it but you MADE me! :)


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