Tuesday, September 15, 2009

{new york!}

It's about time I share with you all a little of New York.

We woke up early Thursday morning. Of course, I woke up a little earlier than B because I am the type of girl who can't shower the night before and get up, get dressed, and feel good all day long. I need that hot shower to wake up and get moving. Our flight was an early one! I quickly got dressed in my excitement. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't just a little nervous about boarding the plane. I'm also a girl who likes to know what to expect. So new experiences usually make me a little antsy. I'd also be lying if I said I didn't almost cry as I went and kissed my girls in the middle of their comfortable sleep. But, we were quickly on our way.

We arrived at the airport with plenty of time to check in and get through security checkpoints. There was a little delay at baggage check in due to some flight changes that had taken place, but after a few minutes that was all figured out as well.

We didn't have a window seat on the flight up. I was a little anxious about that.. I really wanted a window seat.. I needed to see what was going on! When we boarded I was excited to see that the window seat was still vacant. I quickly plopped down in it and prepared to have to beg to stay there. Much to my surprise the guy frequent flier who held the ticket to that seat could have cared less.

Our flight was great. I didn't even panic like I expected myself to. Well maybe once, when we almost had a delay on the runway because of air traffic in Atlanta, which would have meant we would miss our connection to New York. Instead we had 15 minutes to change planes and had to run through the airport to make our next flight. Have to keep things exciting right? Up above the clouds...

Our landing in New York was a little bumpy. I didn't have much to compare it to, but much rougher than the first... so I was excited to just get off and make our way into the city!!

We jumped in a cab and took off.. Just like we had planned. We had no agenda on this trip. Just to get there and go where the city took us and to enjoy every minute of it!

Just a FEW of my thoughts on NY:
*we are already planning our next visit!
*you must be ready to walk - and walk fast!
*visiting ground zero will give you a totally different feeling about 9/11...
*cab rides are more scary than flying
*you won't lack a starbucks - there is one on every corner - and there is a reason they are there... you need the coffee to keep up!
*NY style pizza is delicious!
*it is the place to shop
*the subway is confusing!
*the city never sleeps!
*there really are food vendors lined up and down the streets
*it is noisy- cab horns really do honk 24/7... ok maybe just 22/7.
*don't talk on your cell phone and try to cross the street.. you will almost be hit.
*if you walk past a "statue" on the ferry.. chances are it's a live statue.
*a picture with elmo will cost you $1.
*dancing on the big piano will make you feel like a big kid!
*the city at night is... breathtaking!
*central park is beautiful.. you need a full day just to spend there!
*times square= fun.. even if you just sit and people watch
*Chinatown is just something you have to experience. you come away with great purses, too!

Many of you had asked was there a special occasion for this trip and the answer is no. We've both always wanted to visit New York and we as mommy and daddy were much overdue for an "us" vacation. We've never gone anywhere without the girls and we rarely even leave them anywhere overnight. We had decided that the city would be the perfect destination for our get-a-way.

I can't even begin to post all the photo's I took on this trip so I created a slideshow. (It's fairly long - I'm sorry - I couldn't help myself). And this is only a portion, but it hits the highlights of our trip! May have to post more later!

We are already planning our next trip.


  1. Great post! I'm planning my trip for my bday next June!!! I'll be calling you for pointers. I'll have to check the slideshow later, little T is waking up. :)

  2. ohh how i love New York!! i always tell scott when we win the lottery i will ahve an apartment there and will let eveyone who wants to use it,..just so everyone has the chance to visit such an amazing city!!! Im glad u loved it as much as i always do! and i love the self portraits of u guys!! and some of the other pics u took are breathtaking! and ur right the pizza is amazing and yes to every girls dream there is a starbucks EVERYWHERE!!!! YES!!

  3. I am glad you have fun, I can't wait to go again!


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