Wednesday, September 9, 2009

{wordless wednesday: er style}




I am somewhat proud to admit that in my almost five years of parenting that last night was our first trip to the emergency room. It was no surprise to me that it was for Avery. She heads up the excitement department around here. We actually laughed that we haven't landed ourselves there with her before and for something like a piece of styrofoam up her nose to be the reason of the visit.

We tried everything to remove it on our own without making our way downtown, but we were unsuccessful. We even tried the local fire department, but they didn't have a tool small enough. Trust me I was a little freaked out as we waited 3 hours in a waiting room full of people wearing yellow masks. At 11:00 we finally were given a room, at 11:20 I finally got Avery to close her eyes and of course at 11:40 the doctor comes in. Once we finally saw a doctor the process went fast. The process was no fun! She cried and I cried! After it was removed I was a little shocked at how large a piece, she never complained once in the hours it was stuck up there! He warned us that if this was the first time she may try some trick like this again... lets hope not!


  1. OH NO! I'm glad that it wasn't any worse than what it was. :)

  2. ohhh geez!! thankfully it caused no damage!

  3. Wow! Those moments are sure no fun...glad that she is okay now, rest well.


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