Sunday, February 14, 2010

{heart crayons}

My girls love to make stuff. Most of you already know that babygirl is a little artist... well just like everything else, little bit wants to be just like her. I had seen this project done last year and I wanted to do it with my girls. I'm going to focus on doing some fun at home crafts/projects with them this year... and I'll be sure to try to share them as we go.

This makes for a wonderful rainy day activity. As I mentioned here, we made these last Friday as it rained to pass the time!

I used this silicone baking sheet that were heart shapes. (I picked mine up at Target.) You could use any shape pan, I'm sure. I just found the hearts fun. ♥

Gather broken crayons. There are always broken crayons!
Peel the paper off, this took a little time for D. So, I helped. She had crayon all under her nails when she was done.

Fill the hearts and your ready to go...

02 12 10_0464

Heat oven to 200 degrees.
Bake for around 20 minutes or until melted through.
I found that crayola seemed to melt faster than other crayon brands.

02 12 10_0467

Once melted. Let cool and pop out your new heart crayons. :)
(excuse, my dirty oven)..

02 12 10_0494

The girls loved this. So I'm ready to find another project for them....

02 12 10_0501 02 12 10_0502

02 12 10_0503

and i love.... her dirty face and cute personality. No, she didn't try to eat the crayons.. it just doens't matter how much I wipe her face it is dirty again in a matter of seconds. So... it is what it is. :)


  1. Cute, Kari! I love this post. (Allie Claire would have munched on that crayon for sure).

  2. How much fun!!! Tristyn would LOOOVE this. Gotta do it!

  3. Cute!! And Little Bit does always have a dirty face....but she is still a cutie! It doesnt matter to me though...Ill take messy kisses from her any day!


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