Friday, February 12, 2010

I love love love.....

♥ my little family.
♥ spontaneity.
♥ that we love to have fun.
♥ that on a whim I can say lets give this a shot and that B will always say... lets do it.
♥ that this was the best friday night EVER!!!!


Friday was so so so cold here in Florida. It was also rainy. The weather was crazy, and I was loving it. With snow predictions all the way down into south Georgia ... I couldn't help but have the urge to possibly just jump into the car and go try and find some. I thought about it all day. We did some fun little valentine crafts to pass some time.. (more on that later). When Brad got off of work I brought up the idea to him...he was open to doing it. So I got really excited. I decided to throw together a quick dinner so that no matter what we decided to do we were already fed.

As I cooked, we watched the weather reports on the news. We watched the doppler and I started getting a little discouraged as it looked like it wasn't going to hit as far south as they had been predicting. I changed news channels and good ole' Tim seemed pretty confident that Waycross (for those of you that are not local friends, that's only 45 minutes from our house) had a pretty good chance of flurries between 7:00 and 10:00.

Brad and I looked at each other and decided we would give it a try!
We inhaled our spaghetti, left our dishes on the table, dressed, grabbed the camera and a few blankets and we jumped in the truck.

It was 8:00 when we left, we came into Waycross at 8:45. Avery was sleeping and Babygirl had to potty. We pulled in to make a pit stop. We went into the restroom, nothing. Came out to snow flurries. Delaney was sooooooooo excited. They quickly became bigger flurries. We were all so giggly. It was clear that it was a little to wet for them to stick so we decided to drive a little further and see what happened. I was on facebook in the truck. Thank you Iphone! Were there was talk of snow sticking in Alma, which was 20 more miles. With each mile the snow was coming down harder. It was awesome! Yes, we are crazy Florida people and I'm sure everyone that passed was laughing at us. Delaney just wanted to get out. Avery just wanted to sleep.

We pulled into Alma at about 9:15. It was coming down pretty good and sticking. We found a really small used car lot with a little hill and we decided to just stop and play there.

Here are some photos! I loved hearing Delaney giggle as she ran through it. I loved Avery's looks of amazement, not really sure what to think. We never could get her to put her feet down on the ground. Poor thing was much more interested in sleeping than waking up to us crazy people yelling at her to look at the snow. ;)



crazy kiddo!



The snow was sticking to the bottom of her boots, so it looked like she was walking on snow platforms...



By 10:30 there was probably an inch to an inch and a half of snow on the ground. Conditions had lightened back to flurries and honestly, we were getting a little cold. Laughing all the way to the truck we settled in and headed to get a cappacino before heading home.

All bundled up, tired, and ready to sleep.

I file this away as one of our favorite family memories to date. We had the best time together. And I can't wait to do something like this again. I challenge you all to do something fun, be spontaneous, even if it seems crazy... just do it. Leave the laundry, leave the chores, leave the dinner dishes and go make a memory. ♥



  1. Done and Done! I loved our night of doing the same thing...wish we could have all "found the snow" together! Love how happy and excited D looks! Always love to see that smile on her face!

    <3 you guys!

  2. Oh, how fun!!!! You've inspired me to be more spontaneous :)


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