Tuesday, August 31, 2010

{her thoughts on kindergarten}

*the mornings come early
*its hard to wake up

DSC_9708 copy

DSC_9720 copy

*it is exciting
*it is fun
*i told my teacher she could call me laney-bug
*the swirly thing on the playground is my favorite
*i made a new best friend but i can't remember her name
*thank you, mommy for my note.
*i love my note
*we sat on the learning rug
*i almost know my way to my classroom


{smiles::: after her first day!}

I'd say she thinks its AWESOME!!! Look at that SMILE!

She was so excited on Saturday morning to work on a practice math packet her teacher sent home. It wasn't real homework as we didn't have to turn it back in, but this child is on top of this. We've done it twice over I think. Love her.

DSC_9724 copy

DSC_9726 copy



DSC_9758 copy


ps. I thought this child of mine was shy and timid. Not so much! Every morning I drop her off I hear something new and usually something funny that she has done or said to someone. Most of it seems a little out of her element but I guess she's a little chatty. Thankfully, though, its nothing getting her into trouble and fingers crossed will stay that way.

She also helped a little girl in her class yesterday who was a litte shy and afraid. She told me she held her hand. This morning, Mrs. Graves told me that D took sweet care of her. Made this mommy's heart so HAPPY.


  1. I just love the picture of her sleeping! The light in your home looks amazing! Just the morning I drug the baby in every different room looking for some nice yummy light, to no avail =( I'm ready to move just because of that, haha!

    She's such a cute little kindergartner!

  2. Thanks Taylor ;) She had to sleep with that lady bug b/c her teacher calls her class the ladybugs ;)

    I have pretty good light, it varies from room to room and time of day. :) My room, the kitchen area and the playroom are best. but you bet my next house will have a lot of large windows! :)

  3. I love Laney Bug SO much! Made me teary eyed that she helped the scared girl! That scared girl was always me! I could have used a Laney Bug. XOXO


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