Thursday, August 26, 2010


Yes, the past five and a half years of my life just flashed by me.


My babygirl is a big kindergarten student. We've been excited. We've looked forward and all of a sudden it was the day.

DSC_9636 copy

As my sleepy head woke up this morning it was so cute, she stumbled down the hall with groggy eyes. (her mother's child). I couldn't help but smile. We made her lunch as she sat on the kitchen counter. She refused anything to eat for breakfast. (Again, her mother's child). She had the biggest smile. We quickly got her dressed. As we went through our new morning routine I thought back on all her "baby" days. I remember when this day seemed so far away. And today we live it.

DSC_9655 copy

all smiles.

and a yawn. for my night owl.

DSC_9674 copy

love bug.

We got to school a few minutes early and had to wait in the cafeteria, that was torture for her. As the bell rang, we then made our way to her ladybug classroom.

She walked along with daddy and baby sissy a little ahead of me. I smiled. I didn't cry! This is going to be such a fun adventure for her.

DSC_9678 copy

We made it to her classroom and tucked her things away in her cubby.

DSC_9685 copy

Found her seat.

DSC_9647DSC_9683 copy 2

We didn't linger long. A little pep talk and a kiss goodbye. This is when baby sissy lost it. She was pitiful and cried as we left D there as we walked out.

DSC_9684 copy

and one last glance..... my sweet girl.

one last snap.

DSC_9689 copy

Its 9:37 and baby sissy is sleeping soundly. We can't wait to pick D up today and hear all about her very first day.

school girl.


  1. <3 it!!! Bless little Avery, she just wanted to stay with her big sis. How precious is that. I look forward to this exciting year with Carter as much as you do with D. Like you, I couldn't cry the other day. Knowing how much he was going to enjoy just blessed my soul!

    HAPPY 1st DAY D!!! We love you (especially Carter)!!!

  2. Oh Kari I can not believe she is in Kindergarten already!!! What a big day. She looks so cute, and just LOVE her shirt!!! Great pictures too to capture this wonderful day. A new stage in life... wonderful times lie ahead. HAPPY FIRST DAY Sweet Girl!! Have fun!!! (And momma... the day will go fast) :) How are YOU holding up??

  3. She looked so cute today! I know you can't believe it!! And she will LOVE that ladybug teacher!!!


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