Tuesday, January 26, 2010

{birthday week}

Birthday's are a big deal around here... most of you have probably already figured that out. We don't just celebrate one day - we celebrate a week! Growing up, especially since my birthday is *so close* to Christmas each one was always extra special and not to be mixed up with Christmas. To this day- my parents still go above and beyond to not let it blend in with holiday happenings. So I decided that my girls would have their special week as well.

Last week was all for babygirl.

Cake number one... With our "Tuesday night family" at Sportspage. My mother-in-law opened the restaurant when Delaney was just starting to walk. It's just another playroom for my girls so if ever they run circles around your table while your eating, I'm sorry. Please try to ignore them.. it feels like home to them. :)
01 19 10_9892

Her actual birthday was on Thursday. My phone had been ringing all day for her. It was hilarious to me because every time it did she would ask if it was "one of her people" -- and it almost always was!

She had been asking for a few weeks now to go to Chuck-e-cheese. So we thought that her birthday would be a great time. We allowed her to take one friend, Kendall. I don't have many pictures from that experience. Even with all my patience that place makes me NERVOUS! But, the girls had a wonderful time... even baby sissy! She likes to just run around and put her tokens in, she could care less about the games! We also opted not to eat there, but to hit up Pizza Hut instead.

01 21 10_9886

She was counting down to her "Hello Kitty" party day. Here are a few photos from that day at the park.

D is so expressive. I love it! She had to wear her pink and blue hair.

She loaded up on arts and crafts, which is another way she expresses herself. I love that she is so creative!

hello kitty.



little friends.


01 23 10_9782 01 23 10_9780

...and last but not least we wrap up a party at Granny's house. It's not a birthday until you've had your cake of choice baked by Granny!!

01 24 10_9739 01 24 10_9736

We are so blessed with such wonderful friends and family. You all mean so much to us. It is my prayer that as Delaney grows that she realizes how blessed her childhood is and that she is surrounded with people that love her.


  1. I must admit, this post got me teary. One because we love and miss you guys and two because that means Kirby is next.

  2. i love the cake at the end!!! im such a fan of homemade cakes!!!! (ya know since thats my thing these days!) HAppy Birthday again D!

  3. Yummmy! I want a piece of Grannys cake! :) Is it bad that my child was trying to go up the slide in one of those pics?? LOL Love you! Happy birthday again baby girl!

  4. Love the pictures!! You are a great photographer!!! I am learning.. =)


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