Thursday, January 21, 2010


Today she is five.


Five years ago she arrived at 4:29 a.m. Her 6lb 12oz curled up little body fit perfectly into our arms. Our world for a split second, just stopped turning. She was perfect and beautiful. She was an answer to prayer. She is loved.


Her smile makes me smile.

Sweet Smile

Everyday of her life, she is a blessing.


She's smart and so full of life. She's stubborn, too. She amazes me every single day.


Today she loves:
♥ Barbie dolls
♥ Arts and crafts
♥ dancing
♥ to hear her baby sister laugh
♥ to help others
♥ iCarly
♥ riding her bike
♥ ice cream
♥ to play splaster
♥ school
♥ fuzzy socks
♥ to swing
♥ ice cream!
♥ music
♥ taylor swift kenny chesney miley cyrus
♥ hello kitty
♥ skirts
♥ to cuddle at bedtime

So proud to be 5.
so proud to be 5.

This number five has been hard for me to grasp. Its so full of emotion. But, today I haven't cried. Yesterday... I did.

You are our heart. You are such an amazing little girl and we love to watch you grow. Your independent and a girl who knows what she wants. That makes it hard on your parents sometimes - that strong will of yours. Your sweet and tender heart shows love. Your laugh fills our home with happiness. Everyday we are thankful.



  1. Okay, you haven't cried but I'm on the verge of tears!!!! She's precious, she's funny, she's cute as a button! My little man is crushing on her big time!! :) Seems like we just had them, doesn't it? here's to many, many more years of great fun, sweet giggles, and precious memories!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY D, we LOVE you!! <3, The Higgs

  2. oh hunny!! i cant even imagine having a child thats 5! you are so lucky and blessed to have such Sweet loving beautiful children! Tell D we said HAppy Birthday!!!

  3. Awww! Happy, Happy Birthday Little Miss! I cannot believe your baby is 5 already. Yikes! I have to say you have two little sweethearts on your hands.

    And by the way, you look wonderful in the post-baby delivery picture! Wow. It's just not fair....

  4. Ok you didnt cry but I did...even just by looking at that first picture! :) I think I feel in love with Laney Bug the first time I held her...the same way with my Little Bit. I cant believe she is 5...and I am so thankful that I have had the pleasure to be a part of her life!

    Love you!
    Aunt Me

  5. Happy Birthday to your "baby" ......hope her party was wonderfully perfect, and sad we couldn't be there :(


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