Sunday, January 3, 2010

{sweet baby girl: rileigh faith}

don't fall over ya'll
its me again..
yes, really
two posts in two days
i'm not making promises, but i'm trying.

Our sweet friends welcomed their long awaited baby girl, on my birthday, how special is that?! Bubba and Michelle are long time friends of ours. They are the type of friends that are always there. I think we all know how busy life is, but I'm thankful that no matter how long between visits, phone calls and good times... we can always pick up right where we left off. We have shared so many fun memories with the two of them and we are so happy that this little princess is here to join us!

Isn't she the sweetest?! Some of you know that the road to his point was a long one, very long. Many, many prayers were answered in this sweet little miracle. What an awesome God we have!

Here are a few photos I snapped on our visit last week.

12 30 09_8987 copy

12 30 09_8989 copy

12 30 09_8968

12 30 09_8973

12 30 09_8995


  1. Oh my, she is beautiful! Wow. Makes me want another new baby b-a-d. Judging by your girls in these pictures, I would say they may be itching for a new baby as well (: Great pictures, Kari!

  2. ok...carrie...lets not get carried away.. (but i'd be lying if i said she didn't make my ovaries twitch a little)...... you first :)

  3. awwww she is the best thing ever! and i had baby fever before these pics now i really want one!!! ohhh thanx michelle for having such a beautiful little baby girl! now i need one! how about i go first then u guys can have one!


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