Tuesday, January 26, 2010

{birthday week}

Birthday's are a big deal around here... most of you have probably already figured that out. We don't just celebrate one day - we celebrate a week! Growing up, especially since my birthday is *so close* to Christmas each one was always extra special and not to be mixed up with Christmas. To this day- my parents still go above and beyond to not let it blend in with holiday happenings. So I decided that my girls would have their special week as well.

Last week was all for babygirl.

Cake number one... With our "Tuesday night family" at Sportspage. My mother-in-law opened the restaurant when Delaney was just starting to walk. It's just another playroom for my girls so if ever they run circles around your table while your eating, I'm sorry. Please try to ignore them.. it feels like home to them. :)
01 19 10_9892

Her actual birthday was on Thursday. My phone had been ringing all day for her. It was hilarious to me because every time it did she would ask if it was "one of her people" -- and it almost always was!

She had been asking for a few weeks now to go to Chuck-e-cheese. So we thought that her birthday would be a great time. We allowed her to take one friend, Kendall. I don't have many pictures from that experience. Even with all my patience that place makes me NERVOUS! But, the girls had a wonderful time... even baby sissy! She likes to just run around and put her tokens in, she could care less about the games! We also opted not to eat there, but to hit up Pizza Hut instead.

01 21 10_9886

She was counting down to her "Hello Kitty" party day. Here are a few photos from that day at the park.

D is so expressive. I love it! She had to wear her pink and blue hair.

She loaded up on arts and crafts, which is another way she expresses herself. I love that she is so creative!

hello kitty.



little friends.


01 23 10_9782 01 23 10_9780

...and last but not least we wrap up a party at Granny's house. It's not a birthday until you've had your cake of choice baked by Granny!!

01 24 10_9739 01 24 10_9736

We are so blessed with such wonderful friends and family. You all mean so much to us. It is my prayer that as Delaney grows that she realizes how blessed her childhood is and that she is surrounded with people that love her.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Today she is five.


Five years ago she arrived at 4:29 a.m. Her 6lb 12oz curled up little body fit perfectly into our arms. Our world for a split second, just stopped turning. She was perfect and beautiful. She was an answer to prayer. She is loved.


Her smile makes me smile.

Sweet Smile

Everyday of her life, she is a blessing.


She's smart and so full of life. She's stubborn, too. She amazes me every single day.


Today she loves:
♥ Barbie dolls
♥ Arts and crafts
♥ dancing
♥ to hear her baby sister laugh
♥ to help others
♥ iCarly
♥ riding her bike
♥ ice cream
♥ to play splaster
♥ school
♥ fuzzy socks
♥ to swing
♥ ice cream!
♥ music
♥ taylor swift kenny chesney miley cyrus
♥ hello kitty
♥ skirts
♥ to cuddle at bedtime

So proud to be 5.
so proud to be 5.

This number five has been hard for me to grasp. Its so full of emotion. But, today I haven't cried. Yesterday... I did.

You are our heart. You are such an amazing little girl and we love to watch you grow. Your independent and a girl who knows what she wants. That makes it hard on your parents sometimes - that strong will of yours. Your sweet and tender heart shows love. Your laugh fills our home with happiness. Everyday we are thankful.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

a new year: a time for refreshment

I'm not sure what it is about a new year that brings such a refreshing feeling. I guess its the year end that closes a chapter of life and opens a new one. We feel like we can start fresh, turn a new page... It seems to me that everyone is so rushed to leave the low points behind. Trust me, I can relate to that... but we are put in those low points to learn and to grow.

That's just want 2009 was to me. A year of learning and growing, along with much sadness and burden. It was also a year of happiness and being blessed, even through the difficult times.

Brad and I always chuckle at 'new years resolutions' -- we just don't do them. But, I do like to set some goals. I'm going to share a few of mine personally..

It is my desire in this new year:
to share more of my heart.
to not worry about what others think.
to love despite being hurt.
to forgive easily.
to be an encouragement.
to be a refreshment to others.
that Jesus be seen through me.
to let go of things beyond my control and know that HE is in control.
to lay my burdens down.
to worry less and lean on Him.
to pray without ceasing.
to be bold.

Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

1 Thessalonians 5: 16-18

Monday, January 18, 2010

{two::: fifty two}

Sweet and Sassy.


really sweet...
really sassy...

and her most recent word of choice is "no"... i'm in some kind of trouble... its a good thing she is cute!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

{our little rockstar}

My girls love music... they love to dance and they love to sing. They are always yelling 'turn it up'...


This little love of ours brings so much laughter into our home. I'm told by my mother-in-law that she gets her personality from her daddy, that he was a clown. So you can guess her most recent nickname!

She just loves to put on a show and she loves to make people laugh. We love her laughs, too. Delaney asks all the for me to tickle Avery so she can hear her laugh, which in turn makes D laugh. I love it! She says Avery is the silliest girl she knows.

I mean just look. She's giving us a concert....

12 31 09_9048 copy 12 31 09_9050 copy

in her pajama's...because that's how she rocks!


Can you hear her?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

{one:::fifty two}

I have decided this year to give project 52 another shot this year. I tried once before, with 52 weeks - my kids and me, but I failed that project. Last year, I tried 365 of my girls...and failed again. So, this year I'm not setting any limits... everything is fair game... my girls, my husband, self portraits or just a photo I'd like to share. I feel that without setting 'rules'... I can be successful... and I know I can handle one photo a week. :)

This is actually last week's shot. I will post 2/52 by Sunday. Up until this morning I was unsure where I wanted to post this series.


She's so close to her fifth birthday. I don't like the idea. I'm having a harder time with five than with one! She's the most beautiful little person.

She told me this morning on the way to school... "Mama, I don't want to ever grow up... but I keep growing overnight." To which I replied "Mama doesn't want you to grow up either!"

Do you think she's been hearing lots of comment on her latest growth spurt?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

{wordless wednesday}

they make me smile.

from Christmas - and I *heart* it!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

{sweet baby girl: rileigh faith}

don't fall over ya'll
its me again..
yes, really
two posts in two days
i'm not making promises, but i'm trying.

Our sweet friends welcomed their long awaited baby girl, on my birthday, how special is that?! Bubba and Michelle are long time friends of ours. They are the type of friends that are always there. I think we all know how busy life is, but I'm thankful that no matter how long between visits, phone calls and good times... we can always pick up right where we left off. We have shared so many fun memories with the two of them and we are so happy that this little princess is here to join us!

Isn't she the sweetest?! Some of you know that the road to his point was a long one, very long. Many, many prayers were answered in this sweet little miracle. What an awesome God we have!

Here are a few photos I snapped on our visit last week.

12 30 09_8987 copy

12 30 09_8989 copy

12 30 09_8968

12 30 09_8973

12 30 09_8995

Saturday, January 2, 2010


12 22 09_8843 copy

my birthday was...

...good morning sunshine.
...a lazy day with my girls.
...a package in the mail.
...yummy cakes - more than one of them!
...beautiful flowers
...sweet cards
...a long, hot, shower - all alone!
...lots of facebook messages, phone calls and texts
...a day full of feeling loved
...an almost sick day

12 22 09_8849 copycrop

12 22 09_8851

excuse, the cookies :)

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