Friday, June 19, 2009

{can i run and hide?}

I'm having one of those mommy moments.
(Chime in here and tell me you have them, too!)

i'm blessed that my children are very rarely sick aside from the common cold or "bug" going around
so when I collapsed into bed last night I really hoped (i prayed!) that this morning would be better than our night
it wasn't
you see, Delaney has landed herself a urinary tract infection.
poor baby
so that explains her irritability, the mysterious fever last week, and the nightly accidents
(i mean i think her sheets may fall apart from washing them so much- thank goodness for plastic mattress covers)

so back to yesterday.
enough was enough. another accident. another load of laundry.
i called the dr. and I wasn't going to let them tell me that we weren't coming in.
i was 99% sure it was a uti.
we've done this once before.
thankfully, they wanted a sample.
so i throw our things together
jump in the shower
load them up and we're off

i didn't have time to find a sitter for avery
and she needs a nap
proves to be a disaster
load delaney up with fluids
and halfway there she declares she needs to "go" and bad
i talk her through it
the better thing about it this time is she's potty trained and she can 'tinkle' (as my grandmother would say) in the cup
she does her thing
we wait for the dr.
in the meantime I'm sure the office thought our room contained a bunch of caged animals.
the girls fought over who was going to sit in my lap
i must have said no no a million times to keep avery off the scales
the diagnosis is just as i thought
a uti and antibiotics for 10 days.

the problem now...
the medicine tastes bad and its not pink
it took 30 minutes last night to give her one dose
this morning even worse
after wrestling with her like a pro wrestler
she spit it back out
exhausted, we were both in tears
she just won't take it
she won't drink it mixed with ANYTHING
she doesn't care that i tell her she'll be getting shots if she doesn't just take the medicine
she doesn't seem to care that she's not out playing with the neighborhood kids right now because she won't simply just take the medicine
she's a strong willed four and a half year old
i'm all out of ideas
i'm tired
and I just want her to feel better!

and for the sake of my sanity, why can't they make grape or bubblegum flavored antibiotics?!


  1. God bless you. Things sound pretty rough. I'll be praying for BOTH of you.

    In the future, call me up when you have make a last minute dash somewhere. I'd be happy to watch one, or both of your girls for you if I'm home, which most of the time I am.

    Hope things get better soon :)

  2. oh my goodness!!! im so sorry i remember the last time she had one of these! uhh poor baby! they are bad on an adult i cant even imagine on a 4 yr old!!! ill pray for u guys!!

  3. My poor Lane Bug...and my poor Kari...:( So sorry...I know its been rough...and just so you know CVS has stuff that they can mix in to flavor it, I think that its like $2 extra. Or the one in Macc does at least so I dont see why the one out here wouldnt do the same thing...Wish I was better I would have kept Ave.:) Let me know if I can do anything....

    Love you guys!

  4. I've had several of those moments in the past couple of weeks. Some days are just hard. We really went through the medicine thing with Bennett a few months back. We thought he had a parasite and the only medicine available here was in pill form. We tried putting it in everything we could think of to get him to take it--the taste was just too bad and we couldn't get it down. I'll be praying she eventually gives in. Maybe the discomfort will get bad enough that she can't take it. UTI's are no fun!

  5. carrie- thank you!

    tina- i know .. its pitiful. I'm not sure which is worse this time or last time... (not 36 weeks big preggo and waddling this time!)

    lindsey- you have too much going on! going to check on the flavors. thanks!

    rach- oh goodness, poor bennett! and poor you! she now tells me she was just kidding it doesn't hurt. i know better!

    UPDATE- she did take tonight's dose. hopefully tomorrow will hold the same!

  6. You poor things!! Luckily Darci is good about taking medicine now, but wow, last year was really ROUGH...

    Hope Delaney feels better soon!


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