Monday, June 22, 2009

{update on d-bug}

We are in a much better place this Monday morning. Friday was one of those moments mentioned in our message yesterday morning at church. I was in one of those places of pure exhaustion - physically, mentally, and emotionally. You know there are just times that you feel like you can't go anymore. I was out of energy, stressed out and tired. Brad leaned over and whispered, "Friday." As I ran my errands before picking Delaney up from school I realized that things were totally out of my control and that I needed God's help. I needed Him to take over. I mean I could have continued to exhaust myself or I could simply ask for his help. So with a lot of prayer from myself (and probably everyone who talked to me that day)... I gave it all to Him. I mean she had obviously made it clear that she was going to take the medicine or she wasn't. And do you know what... she has taken every dose since Friday night. Just as Bro. Lynn mentioned, there is something so encouraging about those moments of sheer desperation that you just run to God. You give him your burdens and he carries them. What an amazing feeling of comfort and peace. (Because let me tell you, as you read, it was only with His help that Delaney has now had 5 doses of that antibiotic that the pharmacy claims is already flavored.)

That is where we are as of today. If you prayed for us after my post on Friday, thank you! This afternoon we go in for a check to make sure the antibiotic is doing its job. I suspect it is as I already see a difference in the way she is acting.


  1. Oh sweetheart!! I haven't had a chance to get on till now so I just got caught up. You are definitely not alone. I totally have those moments too (probably a lot more then I admit out loud), and I actually have been drafting a post regarding our Friday of frustration and retreat for God's help as well.

    Sometimes it definitely takes falling on our knees to say ok God I'm sorry I took over the pilot seat... here please take it back now. I need you to steer and have control again.

    I am sure glad to hear she is taking the anitbotics now, and I am definitely praying for a speedy recovery and strength for you both. If we lived closer I definitely would've loved to help with Avery anytime.

    God is with you and it sounds like His healing hand is already taking affect.

    {{{{HUGS}}}} This storm will soon pass. Just know you aren't alone. {{{{HUGS}}}}

    Sweet Delaney I hope you get better soon!

  2. Im so glad to hear she is doing better!! stay strong and continue to trust God!!! he can and will heal everything!!!

  3. Praise the Lord that things are better around your house! Glad to hear D. is feeling better. Hope all goes well at the dr. today and that y'all have a great week this week.

    On a side note, Allie Claire is rocking out to the great music on your blog. Wish you could see her, you would crack up!

  4. Praise the Lord!!! Glad D is feeling better, and you're having a better week! God is good!!!


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