Tuesday, June 2, 2009

{its a family fun day}

Picnic style-
Every year the union holds a picnic for their employees. They have a huge lunch, desserts, cotton candy, ice cream, bounce houses, pony rides, rock walls, face painting... you name it. It's very kid oriented and its always a fun time. We always enjoy going, the kids have a blast and Daddy gets to show off his sweet girls to a lot of his friends from work. I've actually lost how many years we've gone, but I know for a fact we've been there every year since having Delaney and I think even a few years before that!

After lunch, we started with a pony ride as we do every year.

D has always loved those ponies! Much to my surprise her baby sister did not... I do believe its because she was still feeling a little under the weather, though. My baby girl is typically scared of nothing!

It wasn't long before baby sissy found something she wanted to do...

I'm really starting to realize how fast Delaney is starting to "grow up." I keep finding myself shocked at the little girl she has become. This was the first year she actually wanted something to do with the clowns and have her face painted.

I also realized that we didn't spend 99% of our day watching her ride the ponies over and over. Instead she wanted to do things like climb the rock wall, and do the bungee activities. Not something I was really expecting, but I guess sometimes we forget how fearless children are! That and her mama keeps ignoring the fact that she's growing up.

When baby sissy gets tired of waiting on her sister to finish playing...

I mean when did she become big enough to do this?

{and just because they are sweet and looking at the camera!}


  1. awe that looks like fun.. thats great the union does that for them... the girls are going be beautiful young women one day.. as always they are to cute....

    d is starting to look a lot like you!! and i see shelly in her to.. :)

  2. Looks like they had a blast!!!

  3. ughh i wanna come next year! it looks like so much fun!! they look very pretty in the pics!

  4. Thats because she has cotton candy! :) They looked so adorable. I have to upload all of mine.....Love these! I cant believe she did the rock wall and the bungee!

  5. I want to go! I don't think Delaney is really old enough for all that, she's just pretending. We can't possibly have children old enough to do those things. It seriously seems like yesterday we were all sitting there pregnant with D, Hannah and Kirby. Maybe it seems like yesterday cause I feel like I've been pregnant each year since then. :) Love the pictures. I'm so glad you are posting more. Kirby loves to look at the girls. I know they will have a blast when we are home!

  6. What a fun time! You are right, D. is getting big. Wow! It seems like we were just meeting her in the babies dept. in the nursery (gotta love nursery duty..Ha!)

  7. Okay, this just made me tear up. I'm having an emotional time knowing that my 3 year old is going to be in pre-k in a matter of weeks!! Where did our babies go?! :0


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